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Cozmophyzix Academy

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The Cozmophyzix course is an in depth understanding of all aspect to do with astrology. After enrollment you will have full access. Our daily 1hr sessions are geared to teach you the fundamentals of Cozmophyzix.


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5-Minute Free Reading

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In just five minutes we will BLOW YOUR MIND, GUARANTEED!!

To receive your 5 minute sample please call +1(516)-881-6992 between 1-7pm EST.

International callers please click here: Connect With Skype to receive your sample.


30-Day Predictive Forecast

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Reading includes a comprehensive natal reading concerning all aspects of life past, present and future.


Relocational Analysis

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By correctly delineating a person’s natal chart, we can determines the highest possible potential in a relationship. Whether be it a personal or a business relationship. We can pin point the ideal circumstance for success and even recognize malefic aspects to be wary of between persons.