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Karmic Companion Analysis


Karmic Companion Analysis


Here we can delve into the nature of your karmic debt on a personal, material, social and spiritual. This reading also has the ability to determine ones undoing and also their debt to society. These readings are very beneficial as it brings clarity and understanding of much of your darkest traumas.

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With this reading we explore, in depth, what your birth chart gives indication to regarding  your karmic relationships. We can analyze what the chart gives indication to regarding the ASTROLOGICAL DESCRIPTION of what type of partner best suits you … We also analyze  your partner/s, parents & in-laws, children, employers and employees … practically ANY type of human interaction can be analyzed. (All readings are performed person to person via the phone & in private if overseas may be performed over skype).  If you are inquiring as to the nature of what your chart gives indication to regarding what qualities are needed in a purposeful relationship or You are already in a relationship… an accurate analysis can be made either way. In the event that we are analyzing a current or hopeful relationship  the birth information from BOTH or MORE parties will be need to be furnished.


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