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Everyone on this planet animal human or insect is indicated by one cozmoglyphic sign or another… No exceptions. Like we we all need air & water . We are ”all” governed by the laws which allow the entire universe to function . There is no such thing as a perfectly healthy human being . For we all have anatomical vulnerabilities. These are illustrated by yer birth chart and can be used to determine yer time of birth within a two hour margin … More accurately we can use this/these to determine yer ascending sign . So when u claim to *never ever have had an injury or ailment a day in yer life* …

U can take that ass back to krypton (superman’s planet) lol. Failure to recall is one thing refusing to acknowledge ”what” u are is another. Second… The ”clinical” time of birth is only a starting point for the cozmophyzixian to begin with… 5 times out of 8 its wrong … Cause *cozmophyzixial birth* is not defined as ”clinical birth” is. If u took the time to study these things would be obvious to u . And more than likely wouldn’t even occur to u **unless* u took the time to investigate these things.

Cozmophyzixally , u are born when u take yer first breath of natural air. Which can occur when the water breaks in yer mother’s womb…. Or long after emergence from it … Most hospitals a filled with artificial air. So when u get pompous and say ”why are u asking me these silly questions ?” take the time to consider that u don’t know very much at all about the practice. And keep yer insulting adjectives to yourself … I could always retort that that such a comment , given in ignorance with an air of knowing, is a zillion times sillier than u think our verifying questions are. A *fool* is one who **thinks** they know … When in all actuality they absolutely do not have the knowledge they claim.

Consequently … We grow and evolve … In cozmophyzix we measure this growth and evolution by means of ‘‘progressions’’. Because the universe stays in motion and the planetary positions u are born with also move on. So we progress from one sign into the next literally… You are born with the sun in Libra at lets say 15 degrees … By the time u are about 14 or 115 years old … You evolve into Scorpio. Yer still a Libra sun .,.. But now that you have progressed to Scorpio u begin to experience life in the shoes of Scorpio… So to speak. And so too do yer ailments and injuries ‘‘move’’. Your tastes and preferences alter or evolve… Everything about u ”grows” and or ”moves on

To accurately measure where you are at in yer growth and development we must first access where yer chart actually begins … With out this coordinate … No accurate prediction can be made … No proper measurement of growth and development can be measured.

We are not ”psychics’. Tho some astrologers implement psychic faculties to conduct a reading … We don’t use ”impressions” when we are using the chart to determine yer rate of growth and development … We are using the movement of the planets . So it is critical… And the accuracy of the reading depends entirely upon the accuracy of the chart we are using to ”read” yer evolution. So called astrologers who don’t adhere to this tenant of our practice are they who in accurately read a person and leave them thinking astrology is bunk !!! Well I can read anybody …Anybody… Born on this planet … As long as I can establish their true time of birth …***true time of cozmophyzixal birth*** that is .

Needless to say … The client , the native …The person being read is required two things … Honesty and remembrance of their experience … The cozmophyzixian **needs ** three or four things … (1) the date (2) the time of birth (3) the location of birth or observation… And most of all yer cooperation verifying these things …And one more … Your assistance in rectifying the chart … Knowing full well that most birth certificate recorded times are inaccurate for cozmophyzix anyway.

Here are , in genethliacal cozmophyzix , basically three types of astrologers … The profiler, the predictor and they who can do both. …The charlatan is absolutely not a cozmophyzixian / astrologer at all !!! This can not be over stated.

This science is a language …And its a study and application of correspondences … Nothing more , nothing less. And indeed it can get quite complicated… But its practice is quite fundamental and relies very heavily on a number of basics. There are 12 signs 12 houses , 7 basic aspects(actually there are more than 7 … But I only use 7) … 9 planets … 2 luminaries (which are called ”planets” too) and 3 calculated points . This means there are 45 basic elements to adapt to …And to master … In order to begin to read a birth chart . 45 components !!!

After these elementals are understood … And ***not before*** and they must be absolutely understood to a serious degree… Then anyone can read a birth chart . Or more accurately anyone with the sense Allah, the universe,your experience … Gave an 8th grader who was educated in the USA… I’d hold the Japanese and Cuban (among others) to a higher standard cause their educational systems are more advanced than american schooling … Lmfbao… Anyway … A child could learn this science to to an advanced degree …

When it comes to the predictive practice of this science … Stuff gets a tad bit complicated. .. And this is so because it requires that have a basic comprehension of geometry and astronomy … Multiplication and dividing as well as decimal mathematics skills… Such being the absolute truth … I can now say that anyone with a 9th grade level education (according to standards set for 9th graders in the united states) can learn to apply this science to the practice of ”event prediction”.

Now this one’s gonna hurt some of u egotistically … Unfortunately … ***if u can not multiply divide and do decimals*** … Yet still desire to read birth charts …This can be done … But if u want to make predictions … Forecast events and trends in the lives of yer clients and specimens …Lol… You better get your math up to par !!!!

At least up to a 9th grade level. There are absolutely no shortcuts with this regard !!! If you stay in the ”profilers” lane … U can still do synastry charts (overlapping two charts for relationship analysis) … But u wont be able , with cozmophyzix, to date any tension or harmony . Lol…Unless your psychic !!!

So … This is written , mainly for those who have had the good fortune of being thrust into our academy … Unknowing what the academy was designed to accomplish. We are here to teach anyone who wants to learn how to read … To just that . And I pardon my self if this offends u … That’s *all* we desire to do . So if u are up to it… Up to learning the 45 components of this science… I and my comrades are up to giving u the necessary tools and advice with which to do so . If u are *not* … U are welcome to stay and observe the process…But be mindful … This page is dedicated to teaching cozmophyzix … Leave yer preconceived notions and opinions , politic and theologigic on your personal pages …Unless… Unless u can show a cozmophyzix pertinence with that regard. U can check my page … I subscribe to a particular political school … I have views about race , religion, government etc etc … But I leave that stuff outta here. & so shall u . You don’t go to the kitchen to piss …Lol…Or do u ? You don’t go to the shower/bath tub to sleep either …Or do you ?

Lets get it on …In less than a year we have taught 15 novices to effectively read charts . Mind that is a very high ratio … Considering the fact that I have attempted to teach more than 400 people how to do this for over 12 years …And only succeeded (before this club) to actually and thoroughly teach 4 people. The internet provides a means to address multiples… As opposed to individuals.

Apply yourself to learning the basic … And u will be reading charts and peoples characteristic in not too much time all!!! That’s word is bond. Peace

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